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Announcing my new book: Quality By Design

You may have noticed my last few months of blog posts have been erratic with little activity. This is not because I have taken a break from writing or anything. Far from it, in fact, I am probably busier than ever when it comes to my writing endeavors. So, in saying that I would like to announce that I have a new book that is coming out on 15 July 2022, titled Quality by Design.

If you have been reading my many blogs over the years, then this is a book that culminates a lot of those ideas into one cohesive book that focuses on the importance of software quality and how we go about designing and testing software to deliver high-quality software. It’s a book for software developers, architects, and testers alike with the hope that we can get everyone speaking the same language on how to design software properly and evolve our quality efforts from testing to design.

You check my personal site for more information about the book:

I look forward to sharing this book with people and learning further how it can have an impact on different companies. And true to my belief that information should not be inaccessible to the poor, the book will not be too expensive with prices kept reasonable for most. I believe books should be in the hands of people and so the book will be priced from around $10 for the e-book to $20 for printed copies, depending on regions and various taxes.

The book is currently available for pre-order on Kindle through Amazon, with print versions of the book and further digital versions coming available on the day. I will also be running some promotions during the year for the book, so please look out for those of you who aren’t able to afford the book at full cost. Or reach out to me personally and I can certainly make a plan to get the book out to you.

I hope to share even more over the coming weeks about the book and can’t wait for people to read it.



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