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Announcing the release of my new book,

Quality By Design.


A book aimed at software developers, architects, and testers alike with a focus on building quality into software from the very beginning. 

  • Do you understand the attributes that affect the quality of your software?

  • Have you considered the long-term implications of your software design?

  • How do we design software to mitigate quality issues early?

  • Have you considered the non-functional implications of our software design?

  • Is there alignment between software design and testing processes?

  • Do you understand how and where to test and how to approach designing test frameworks?


Quality By Design answers these questions and many others to direct development teams on the correct path to designing quality software.

Get your copy now at the following places:

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Why You Should Read Quality By Design

Redefine your understanding of quality

Design better systems and implement traceability that works

Write code that helps to achieve better quality, maintainability and testability

Build systems that achieve better levels of security and performance

Test your software earlier and more effectively

Design a test framework that matches your architectural needs

Establish processes that enable better quality software

Build quality and testing directly into your CI Pipelines

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